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Graphic design for your record or CD

Graphic design for your record or CD

Album cover design by an experienced music industry designer/artworker

Back in the mists of time, long before streaming, legal downloads and before them, illegal downloads 😬, music was released on small silvery-coated discs or big pieces of plastic. These vinyl records or CDs were housed in some kind of packaging, which was often designed by graphic designers. Some of the lucky ones were even able to scratch out a living from doing so. Those days are long gone, as my bank statements attest. Today, at least in the sections of the music industry I work in, musicians and bands – that’s you – tend to create their own album cover designs. Either that, or they have a friend do so. But the chances are that a professional designer could make your release look better, just as a professional producer and engineer can make it sound better!

However, if your record company has an appropriately sized budget 💶 💶 💶, you’re the beneficiary of a trust fund or have robbed a bank 🔫 💰 (not recommended), there’s a good chance I can come up with some great album artwork for you, whether for your vinyl record, CD or both.

Adjacent you will find a selection of some of my album and CD cover designs. These mostly originated in the 2000s, for the reasons outlined above. Also included are a download cover design or two.

How I can help you with your album cover design and album packaging layout

Perhaps I can help you by producing a stunning album cover design and layout for your album or CD packaging? This will perfectly complement your music.

Maybe you already have an idea for your album cover design? Not sure how to design the rest of your album or CD packaging? I can be of assistance with layout or typesetting too.

Or maybe you’ve already finished your album artwork and layout yourself? But perhaps you aren’t confident you’ve set it up and prepared it properly, so it will print reliably? I can also inspect your album artwork files and make any necessary adjustments. This could be a massive help for you if your album artwork has already been rejected by the printer/manufacturing broker. When this happens, it’s usually due to technical problems relating to bleeds, safe zones, colour modes, colour gamut or saturation etc.

See my about me page for more information.

Graphics services I offer for the music industry

  • Graphic design for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Layout for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Reissues (vinyl to CD, CD to vinyl or new editions of existing CDs or vinyl – ideal for labels): More information
  • Typesetting for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Album artwork finishing and fixing – ideal for bands, musicians and small labels who are taking care of their own design and layout, but need an expert helping hand: More information

Work with me

Interested in engaging me to help you with your album artwork issues, problems and conundrums? Please get in touch.

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