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Album typesetting for your record or CD

Album typesetting for your record or CD

Need help with album typesetting for your record or CD?

Is your band or label planning a release that’s a bit more text-heavy than usual? Perhaps a box set or expanded edition that includes a booklet with detailed liner notes? Or maybe your songs feature tonnes and tonnes of lyrics? Either way, it will need typesetting. And when done professionally, album typesetting involves much more than just copying and pasting a load of text into a text box and then assuming that’s the job finished!

Don’t know your widows from your orphans? Think ligatures are just something for hospitals? Or perhaps you wouldn’t recognise an OpenType feature if it came and bit you on the nose? So many times I’ve seen (and bought!) records or CDs whose packaging looks great at first glance… but then the typography massively lets it down 😬 🤢. It would be a shame if that were the case with your release too!

How I help with album typesetting

  • Typesetting your lyrics and sleeve notes for your record or CD
  • Typesetting expanded editions such as box sets or collector’s editions
  • Written enough material to produce a lyric book? I can help there, too!
  • Famous and/or interesting enough to have written your autobiography? I also enjoy typesetting books whenever I get the chance!

See my about me page for more information.

Graphics services I offer for the music industry

  • Graphic design for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Layout for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Reissues (vinyl to CD, CD to vinyl or new editions of existing CDs or vinyl – ideal for labels): More information
  • Typesetting for your vinyl records and CDs: More information
  • Album artwork finishing and fixing – ideal for bands, musicians and small labels who are taking care of their own design and layout, but need an expert helping hand: More information

Work with me

Interested in engaging me to help you with your album artwork issues, problems and conundrums? Please get in touch.

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