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“I help authors fulfil their dream of publishing their own book.”

You’re an author, and considering self-publishing? But you know nothing about ebook or book creation?

You’re about to self-publish your (possibly very first) book? But you have no idea at all how to create ebooks or printed books?

That’s totally understandable, as there are a number of things you need to consider. Not least of which: whether to initially publish just an ebook, or definitely a printed book, or perhaps both?

And if you’re considering a printed book, are you sure you’ll be able to sell all the print run you have in mind? Perhaps you should consider print on demand, where books are individually printed only once an order has been received?

Would you like your book to be available to buy or order in as many outlets as possible, or are you happy for it to just be available from Amazon or another platform of your choice?

And that’s apart from the technical stuff, such as software and how on earth you’re going to create your ebook or book.

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” – nonsense!

Lots of great books by talented authors are self-published. Nevertheless, self-publishing doesn’t always enjoy the best reputation, precisely because it really is possible for seemingly anybody to publish the contents of their brain as a book.

But despite the cliche in the header above, it’s extremely important that your book looks as good as possible.

With an accomplished design, your work stands out from the crowd, which in turn can boost your sales.

No idea how to create your own ebook?

Ebook creation is a closed book ebook to you?

You don’t have the relevant knowhow, the necessary software or perhaps even the relevant skills?

You don’t have a clue how to ensure your ebook not only delights (prospective) readers, but also works properly from a technical point of view? In the various formats and on the various platforms?

Or where on earth you could acquire the knowledge you need to create your ebook?

Or perhaps you’re just not interested, because you prefer to concentrate on what you’re better at – writing?

What I really enjoy about creating ebooks is that the process combines design, layout and (at least to a certain extent) typesetting, yet they work in a similar way to websites. These are all areas I’ve been working in for years.

ebook and book creation – Kay Rose-Hattrick: Becoming Me

Or you’d prefer to create a printed book?

Perhaps you’re not so keen on ebooks, because you’d prefer to hold something more tangible in your hand? So you definitely want to create and publish a ‘proper’ book?

You’re perhaps dreaming of your own printed book, with a high-quality cover and professional typesetting and layout? That in no way looks like a self-published book?

This really is where expert knowledge comes in. Even if you have the relevant software and are reasonably proficient in it, as a layperson you’re likely to lack knowledge of professional typography and similar.

And of course, it’s understandable you may prefer to concentrate on the actual writing. After all, that’s why you’re a writer.

You have a capable partner in me. I’d be happy to help you create a printed book.

Ebook and book creation – Keith Howden: Barley Top

Paul Jackson – Book Creation – Testimonial From Kay Rose-Hattrick

“By enhancing my initial ideas with his own ideas and design expertise, Paul created something that far exceeded my expectations.”

Kay Rose-Hattrick
Self-published author
Paul Jackson – Book Creation – Testimonial From Kay Rose-Hattrick

“Paul guided me through the challenging process of self-publishing. He advised me on print options, undertook the final manuscript check, designed and helped me publish both my books. It was a steep learning curve for me, as I had no previous knowledge of what self-publishing entailed. I learned so much from working with Paul, and I would highly recommend him. I will be using his skills again when I publish my new book.”

Kay Rose-Hattrick
Self-published author

I help you create your ebook or book

Over the course of the years decades I’ve made a contribution to a number of book projects, whether with typesetting, image editing, the provision of technical assistance or taking care of the complete design. From ebooks to lavish printed books aimed at bibliophiles.

I’d be pleased to assist you get your special project off the ground, therefore helping you fulfil your dream of publishing your own book.

Would you like to create an ebook that stands out from the mass of self-published ebooks?

  • Visually appealing ebook
  • Both EPUB and Amazon formats
  • Typography that’s as professional as possible (the options are still somewhat limited compared with printed books)
  • Works perfectly on all common devices

German native speakers: fancy an ebook or book for the English-speaking world?

German-language authors: if around 100 million mother tongue speakers of German aren’t enough to satisfy your ambitions, I can give you a voice in the English-speaking world, by translating your book into English1. This makes your masterpiece available to the as many potential readers as possible!

(1If the subject of your book matches my knowledge and experience – you should only translate things you have some idea about.

Ebook and book creation – the packages

Ebook creation (conversion only)

You’re going to be self-publishing an ebook, have written the text and even designed the cover, but you aren’t confident creating a fully functional ebook from it all?

‘Conversion’ sounds like just pressing a button, but there’s much more to the process, especially if your book contains images or features a degree of special formatting.

It’s certainly possible to find cheaper conversion, but you benefit from my detailed way of working. Your book contains 100,000 words, of which only 17 are italicised? I’ll find them, and ensure that they are formatted properly in your ebook.

  • Amazon and/or EPUB formats
  • Up to 100,000 words and up to 12 photos

Create ebook – with cover design

You’re going to be self-publishing an ebook, have written the text but need a professional cover design for it? And you aren’t confident creating a fully functional ebook from it all?

  • Everything from the package ‘Ebook creation (conversion only)’ plus appealing and appropriate cover

Create printed book and ebook – with cover design

You plan on not only self-publishing an ebook, but also a printed book?

Of course, it’s always possible to generate a paperback from your ebook project, but if you place importance on proper typography, it’s best to do it the other way round, by generating the ebook from the printed book.

  • Everything from the package ‘Ebook creation – with cover design’ plus printed book
  • Digital print on demand paperback or offset-printed paperback (fixed print run)

Ebook or book creation – prices

You’d like to fulfil your dream of publishing your own book? Your investment for this when you engage me.

  • Amazon and/or EPUB formats1
  • Conversion only (your cover design)
  • Up to 100,000 words3
  • Inner pages on the basis of a standard layout4
  • Ebook contains up to 12 photos5
  • One round of corrections included free of charge6
  • Amazon and/or EPUB formats1
  • Cover design2
  • Up to 100,000 words3
  • Inner pages on the basis of a standard layout4
  • Ebook contains up to 12 photos5
  • One round of corrections included free of charge6
  • Printed book7 (digital/print on demand or offset print) and ebook (Amazon and/or EPUB formats1)
  • Cover design2
  • Each up to 100,000 words3
  • Inner pages on the basis of a standard layout4
  • Each containing up to 12 photos5
  • One round of corrections included free of charge6

* All stated prices are net prices, not including legally applicable VAT.

1 Flowable formats, which are suitable for the majority of ebooks.

2 Cover design on the basis of photographic material or stock photos you provide me with. (Stock photos at your own cost – this means you receive the relevant usage rights from the copyright holder.) I’m neither a photographer nor an illustrator. Although I have sometimes taken photos or drawn something for previous projects, this is not always achievable or practical. I therefore request you make your desired photo material available to me.

3 More than 100,000 words at additional charge.

4 Custom flowable layout (design elements, specific typefaces etc) at additional charge.

5 The ebook or book each contain up to 12 photos (or drawings or paintings) that you make available to me. More than 12 photos (or drawings or paintings), or tables and diagrams etc, at additional charge.

6 Any additional corrections at additional charge.

7 Prices for printed books are my price for design, typesetting and realisation of your book project, including the creation of print files and any advice I provide relating to realisation of the project. Printing costs are expressly not included! If you decide on publishing on a print on demand basis (which is in most cases recommended), printing costs are manageable, because books are individually printed when an order for it is placed. Traditional offset printing is more expensive, and these days is only really worth it in certain circumstances, such as if you are already well known.

Ebook + book creation – combi package

  • You’re about to publish your (perhaps very first) book, and also want to increase reader loyalty?
  • Printed book + ebook (Amazon and/or EPUB formats) + Standard website

Ebook or book creation – also possible

  • English translation of German project + creation of ebook and/or book: Your mother tongue is German, and you prefer to write in German, but you will be publishing your work in English? Then this is the service for you!
  • Creation of an ebook and/or book (German language) + English translation + Creation of an ebook and/or book (English language): Will you be publishing your work in both German and English? I can take care of the English translation*, as well as creating both language editions of your ebook or book!

* If the subject of your book matches my knowledge and experience – you should only translate things you have some idea about.

You’d like to create an ebook or book and benefit from my expertise in this area? But your precise project is not mentioned here? Simply ask.

How I create your ebook or book – things to know about the process

  • After receiving your detailed enquiry, I contact you.
  • We clarify the scope of your project and I submit a quote.
  • If you agree to my terms, depending on the nature of the project, 20% of the net price may become payable upon awarding of the order. This is in case you don’t realise your project for any reason. If this applies to your project, I will inform you in good time.
  • As soon as any such payment arrives in my account, I will book your project into the system, so that I can make a start within a short time.
  • All prices stated are net prices, without applicable VAT.
  • One round of corrections is included in the price. Any additional corrections or edits at additional charge.

I’d like that!

You’d like to create an ebook or book and want it to stand out from the crowd?

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