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“I help musicians and authors reach an international public, in order to win new fans or readers.”

Native speakers of German: increase your sales by harnessing German to English translations

Are you a musician, or in a band, in one of the German-speaking countries? And you’re already known internationally? Or perhaps not yet, but you’d like to become better-known abroad? English translations of your album inserts and/or website increase your reach and help you gain more fans and sales.

(What?! You don’t have your own website? That means you’re handing control of your web presence to third parties – large corporations in the USA! I explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your own website in this article.

Or perhaps you’re an author working in German, but feel a little restricted by the fact there are ‘only’ around 100 million native speakers of German? Perhaps you dream of your how-to guide, manual or story reaching a much wider audience? In one swoop, an English translation of your work provides you with around two billion potential readers, of whom around 400 million are native speakers.

Secure your voice in the English-speaking world and raise your profile!

If one of these situations applies to you, and you need English translations of your work, I’d be pleased to provide you with a voice in the English-speaking world – provided the subject of your work matches my knowledge and experience.

You’d like to sell more music, books, products or services?

You benefit from my accomplished English translations of your:

  • Books
  • Websites
  • Operating manuals
  • Technical reports
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • All manner of marketing and sales texts

“I have been a keen customer of Paul Jackson’s services for many years now. In my 25-year career as a musician and in music management, nobody else has understood in such exemplary fashion how to translate any type of required text (product descriptions, newsletters, press releases etc) so perfectly.”

Thomas Rainer
Mechanic Mind Music Management

“Paul Jackson has a splendid understanding of how to produce and deliver solid, flawless translations… At the same time, he regards his translation duties to be bound up with proofreading too, therefore effectively undertaking editing work. I treasure his understanding of text translation enormously, and am extremely satisfied with his work. Finally, it should also be mentioned that, without exception, Paul Jackson always accomplishes his work quickly, reliably and faultlessly.”

Managing director, record company, Germany

“Our clients are always delighted with the quality of Paul Jackson’s work, and give us positive feedback. Without exception, Paul Jackson’s translations are characterised by register accuracy, linguistic and terminological precision and stylistic confidence. Mr Jackson works thoroughly and quickly, and always delivers by the agreed deadlines. We treasure Mr Jackson’s regular cooperation on our projects enormously.”

Project manager, translation agency, Germany

“We are extremely satisfied with the reliable quality of Paul Jackson’s work and his speedy, punctual delivery. Furthermore, he knows how to formulate the translated texts appealingly, so that they assist us in the marketing of our properties.”

Managing director, estate agent company, Germany

Avoid stress and conserve your brain cells

Native speakers of German: Fed up of continually having to rack your brains in order to create the English translations of your work? Or perhaps you’ve received the occasional comment about strange or poor translations on your website or elsewhere?

The good news is that it’s easy to avoid this!

Appealing German to English translations from an experienced native English-speaking translator

Unless they are truly bilingual, translators should only translate into their native language – not in both directions! – and remain up to speed in relation to developments in their mother tongue. The second is extremely important if, as I do, they no longer live in their original country, but in a country where the source language is spoken.

I’m British, and English is therefore my native language. And because I put a lot of care into my German to English translations, people reading the English texts are not aware they’re reading translations. This gives the text a particular shine, which in turn also increases trust in you and your products or services.

And of course, I only translate things I have some idea about. So, if you’ve written a manual for successful heart surgery, or a complete history of football, I would recommend you find another translator!

Secure your appealing, expert German to English translations

Although on this website I’m primarily positioning myself in the music industry, I turn around technical German to English translation projects for translation agencies on an almost daily basis. Day in, day out, like clockwork I deliver English translations of texts spanning topics such as bulk solids, extruders, O-rings and winding machines.

You’re not sure whether the subject of your text would be suitable for me, and whether I would be able to create a polished translation of it? Simply get in touch. I’d be pleased to take a look at it and let you know. (And of course, I will treat your text/content confidentially and in compliance with the GDPR.)

Number of translation projects successfully completed – as of the end of 2019
Average number of words translated per year (350,000–500,000) – as of the end of 2019

I’d like that!

My mother tongue is German, but I’d like to sell more music, books, products and services abroad, thanks to German to English translations!

“You’re British. But my target audience isn’t. Would you still be a good choice?”

Because I’m British, I speak and write British English. So if your target audience is in the UK, that would be perfect.

And if your target audience is people in Europe who don’t speak German, that’s also good!

If your objective is to reach as many English speakers as possible, wherever they are in the world, that’s also possible. But in such cases, word choice becomes more important. If the text contains too many British colloquialisms, it can be more difficult to understand for people in other parts of the world.

But on the other hand, if your aim is to predominantly reach people in for example the USA, you would need a translator colleague from the USA.

So it depends. If you’re still not sure if I’m the right choice for you, simply contact me and I can advise you.

What are your benefits from my German to English translations?

  • Long-term professional experience, as set out in ISO 17100
  • You receive easy to read, appealing and creative translations of marketing texts and precise translations of technical texts – my German to English translations won’t be recognised as translations
  • Sure instinct for my native language English (British variant)
  • Thorough way of working with well-developed research abilities
  • Well-organised, and as a result, delivery within deadlines
  • An extremely well-developed eye for detail – I can spot a double space or ugly ‘typewriter’ quotation marks from 50 metres!
  • Experienced, professional German to English translator: I undertook my first paid translation job in 2004, and since 2013, translation has been my main professional activity, with nearly 4,000 orders already successfully completed
  • My ‘microspecialism’ is the music industry, but my other main specialisms are technical and marketing texts

German to English translation – prices

You’d like to harness German to English translations to increase your sales? Your investment for this when you engage me.

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • PSD etc

* All stated prices are net prices, not including legally applicable VAT. Prices cover English translation of your German-language projects. Any additional DTP not included.

The minimum order value for a translation project from a new customer is €50 net. In the event of subsequent orders, it may be possible to reduce this.

German to English translation – combi package

  • Standard website package + German to English translation
  • I set your website up to be multilingual, translate your German content into English1 and add my English translations to the website
  • Ideal for musicians, authors and the (solo) self-employed who would like to reach an international audience, in order to sell more music, books, products or services

1 German to English translations of up to 5,000 words (source text). More words at additional charge. If your website’s subject matter matches my knowledge and experience – you should only translate things you have some idea about! And as a British person, I translate into British English.

German to English translations – also possible

German to English translation + ebook creation (EPUB and/or Kindle formats)

German is your native language, you prefer to write in German, buy you’d like to publish your next ebook in English? Although I can of course translate your existing ebooks, I can translate your German manuscript into English and then create an ebook of it (EPUB and/or Amazon formats), which you can publish and sell on the common ebook platforms.

English localisation of a German website (on the basis of English keywords) + website set up for two languages + my English translations added

As in the combi package ‘German to English translation + Standard website’ above, but even more thorough. I can research the relevant English keywords for you, using these as the basis for the German to English translations I create for you. This increases your chances of English-speaking website visitors being able to find you for the most appropriate keywords, which can in turn increase your sales.

German to English translation plus subsequent DTP (InDesign®/Illustrator® only)

For an additional charge, I can feed my English translations of your German content into your source files (InDesign®/Illustrator® only), taking care of the typesetting and any adjustments needed. If required, I can also generate the press-ready files for you. You can then send your files to the printers without having to worry about the layout.

German to English translation from printed matter (OCR + subsequent editing)

Perhaps the book you wrote many years ago only exists in paper form? Using OCR (optical character recognition), I can create digital files, correct the scanning errors and then translate it into English.

Du möchtest von einen diesen Diensten profitieren? Oder dein genaues Vorhaben ist nicht hier gelistet? Einfach anfragen.

How I create your German to English translations

I create your German to English translations extremely carefully.

Before I submit my German to English translation of your project to you, I check my work at least twice. First, I comb through it, line by line, to ensure I’ve translated each sentence correctly and haven’t missed anything.

Once I’m satisfied this is the case, I then carefully read through just the English translation. In this way, it’s easier to see if the text still contains any deficiencies, such as for example undesired repetitions. This way, I ensure that your text flows well.

People reading my English translations will not recognise them as translations.

If a text is recognisable as a translation, the translator hasn’t done their job properly!

But important to know: I do not offer certified German to English translations (birth and marriage certificates etc).

How I create your German to English translations – things to know about the process

  • After receiving your detailed enquiry, I carry out certain checks, and then contact you. (Unfortunately, scammers are very active in this industry.)
  • We clarify the scope of your project and I submit a quote.
  • The minimum translation order value for new customers is €50 net. In the event of subsequent orders, we can look at this again, if necessary.
  • If you agree to my terms, depending on the nature of the project, 20% of the net price may become payable upon awarding of the order. This is in case you don’t realise your project for any reason. If this applies to your project, I will inform you in good time.
  • As soon as any such payment arrives in my account, I will book your project into the system, so that I can make a start within a short time.
  • All prices stated are net prices, without applicable VAT.

I’d like that!

My mother tongue is German, but I’d like to sell more music, books, products and services abroad, thanks to German to English translations!

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