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Retro acid tracks EP

Digital release, April 2019


Paul pHHG: Retro acid tracks EP

When I’ve got time, and more as a hobby than anything else, I enjoy producing my own music, which is usually stuff that can best be described as being an acquired taste. But in winter 2018–2019 I thought I fancied a change and thought I’d try something new.

At the time I was listening to a lot of my favourite acid (house) tracks from the period 1988–1989, so it was a quick and easy decision to produce a few tracks in this style.

The 808 kick, which today packs all the punch of a gnat’s fart, but which was then de rigueur… The accompanying pitter-pattering percussion… The undulating acid sounds… And bonus dub versions of two of the tracks. I absolutely love 80s dub remixes!

Released as ‘Retro acid tracks EP’, as a response to positive feedback

I only produced the tracks for fun and for personal enjoyment, but because feedback from connoisseurs among my circle of friends and acquaintances was positive, I thought it would be nice if they could reach a wider public.

I was aware Bandcamp is a home for all sorts of obscure releases, so assumed they’d also have space for another. I therefore decided to release my project on the platform.

And I didn’t have to rack my brains for too long to come up with a title: Retro acid tracks EP says it all!

Listen to ‘Retro acid tracks EP’

Appropriate retro artwork essential

Full of motivation, as I was finally designing artwork for a release of my own, rather than for other people, I made a start. The result is retro ‘packaging’ appropriate for the era: a white label ‘record’ in a disco bag sleeve, with Helvetica text and a ‘for promotional use only’ sticker and additional acid smiley sticker.

A massive mistake you should avoid making when releasing your music!

Of course, I realised I wouldn’t be able to go out and buy a yacht with the proceeds from the release, so I didn’t have any particular plans and ambitions in mind. I just posted the link in a few groups and thought that the Bandcamp algorithms would perhaps give me a small boost.

I assumed I’d sell a handful and receive a few euros in pocket money.

Then it became clear – without marketing, nothing

And that is indeed the case. More than a year later, the sales figures are still incredibly modest, despite an earlier price reduction. I almost have a bad conscience that the files are gathering dust on Bandcamp’s servers. They’re taking up space that could be used for a release with greater sales potential.

This absurd, but at the same time funny, situation isn’t necessarily due to the music itself, but rather to me neglecting any kind of marketing at that time. The perfect proof that ‘fire and forget’ really doesn’t work!

If there’s ever a ‘Retro acid tracks EP 2’ I’ll do it properly

It’s not impossible that I may produce a follow-up in similar style at some point in the future. And if I do, I’ll either have to tackle the marketing activities properly or really keep it for personal use. Two Bandcamp shelf warmers ? would be too many for me!

Buy ‘Retro acid tracks EP’

Whoever buys this release ‘Retro acid tracks EP’ automatically becomes part of a select and exclusive club!

Retro acid (house) tracks in 1988/1989 style. Inspired by, and in remembrance of, musical happenings in my former home city Sheffield. 31 minutes of undulating acidness and effervescent 808s, including two juicy dubs with pattering percussion.

Available on Bandcamp for €3.50.


That’s called ‘acid’ music? Well, it’s certainly corroding my ears!

Not much of a tune to it… And it goes on a bit…!

Fuckin’ sick, that, mate!

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