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Musician? Author? Your own website helps you turn visitors into fans or readers!

Website creation helps you secure control over your web presence

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why you should fork out money to have a website created? Especially when people such as that nice Mr Zuckerberg offer extremely comprehensive platforms free of charge? Platforms that enable you to communicate with fans and present your news, music, video clips or excerpts from your books to them?

The answer is simple – your own website belongs to YOU, not some enormous American corporation. You retain complete control over it! How it looks, how it works, even whether you’re allowed to publish a photo of a buttock or a female nipple or not. You’re not dependent on any possible changes to their algorithms.

Bands and musicians: Get yourself a website!

You’ve been considering creating a website for ages, but have no idea how to go about it?

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of your own website for a long time, but have no idea of the website creation options? Which system would be the best? How to plan and structure a website? How your own website can reach your target audience, draw them in and ideally convert them to fans or readers – and later, buyers?

I’d be pleased to help. Whether by just installing and setting up your website, so you can add content yourself, or by taking care of the design, setting up a few essential pages and then adding your content for you. I can also help with more comprehensive solutions, such as setting up a multilingual website. I can help you at the planning stage, with the design, website setup and, if required, with management of the website once it’s online.

How I help you fulfil your dream of your own website

  • Conception and advice: Target audience, positioning, structure, domain name, content and SEO etc – it’s no good having your own website if you can’t be found (which I can 100% confirm from my own earlier experience!)
  • Setting up web hosting and SSL certificate
  • A visually appealing website using the WordPress system, and using a premium theme (= template)
  • Responsive design (so that the layout adapts to computers, tablets and smartphones), mobile first
  • Goal of GDPR compliance (cookies, privacy policy, use of any third party services plus a site legal notice in countries where one is required)
  • Adding and managing content (text, images, video, audio)
  • (GDPR-compliant!) social media buttons, linked to your various social media profiles
  • Setting up various required functions (such as a blog or shop etc)
  • Basic SEO settings, enabling you to achieve your first Google rankings, so you can be found by interested parties
  • Loading time optimisation
  • Putting online
  • General management and maintenance, such as backups, keeping WordPress and plugins up to date etc

Benefit from my many years’ experience

I created my first customer website – for a musician – in 1999. There then followed a whole load more – not just for musicians, but also for labels, artists, authors and other (solo) self-employed people.

Up until 2013 or so, I had designed, planned and created a few dozen websites. But then no more until 2019.

Why’s that? From 2005 or so, customers in the music industry began paying ever-increasing attention to social media, neglecting their own websites. Things reached a point where hardly any musicians or authors were wondering if they needed to have a website created. As a result, none engaged me to do so. Luckily, I had plenty of other things on the go.

(So this explains why there are currently no samples of previous website projects shown on this website. In this sector, things from just a few years ago are akin to something from the Stone Age!)

NEW: November 2020 – I’m currently working on my first customer website for a few years, which I will of course present here when it’s finished and online. From February/March 2021, I’ll therefore have capacity for another one.

After a break, back to website creation – on the basis of updated knowledge

So after a six-year break, during which I mostly worked as a German to English translator, I’m back to website creation. Initially for myself, in order to apply all my newly acquired knowledge, but now also gladly for customers again.

Over the last year or so, I’ve learned an incredible amount of info and best practices relating to website creation. The best ways to plan and structure a website today. How to ensure my website can be found. How to best present my services and products. The processes. And the more I learned, the more I still want to learn. And so I will!

It would therefore be a real shame to withhold all this knowledge for myself alone. I would therefore be pleased to apply my knowledge to your project, so you too can benefit from it!

Website creation – the packages

Website setup (no design)

You know how to add your content, but aren’t comfortable installing and setting up your website? I’ll set up your WordPress website, using a theme (= template) of your choice.

  • You select a theme (template) and so determine how your website will look
  • I take care of website installation and setup
  • I install and configure some relevant plugins, to help you with your project and also optimise your website
  • Then you just have to get going and add your content!

Website creation – standard website

Ideal for musicians, authors and (solo) self-employed people who finally want to have their own website created. I create your website using the WordPress system, on the basis of a premium theme (= template).

  • Five pages included: Home page, contact and up to three other pages (such as ‘About’, ‘Services’ and ‘Prices’, as well as privacy policy and site legal notice (in countries where this is required)
  • Additional pages and/or functions at additional charge

Website creation – a website in two languages: German and English

Ideal for musicians, authors and (solo) self-employed people whose native language is German, but who would like to reach an international audience. This enables you sell more music, books, products or services! I create your website in English and German, using the WordPress system, on the basis of a premium theme (= template).

  • Five pages included: Home page, contact and up to three other pages (such as ‘About’, ‘Services’ and ‘Prices’, as well as privacy policy and site legal notice (in countries where this is required)
  • I set up your website to be multilingual
  • I translate your German content into English (when your website’s subject matter matches my knowledge and experience – you should only translate things you have an idea of!)
  • I then add my English translations.
  • Do you write about medicine or sport, or other subjects I have absolutely no idea about? Or do you require languages other than English? That’s also possible, too. You obtain the translations and provide them to me – I add them!

You’d like to benefit from my knowledge relating to the creation of websites, but your precise project isn’t listed here? Simply enquire.

Website creation: How I go about it (for the sake of transparency…)

By nature I was always (and still am) someone who always wants to reinvent the wheel – including when creating websites. I didn’t want anything to do with ready-to-use templates or themes. I didn’t want to create a website that could look exactly like thousands of others.

I therefore spent ages creating my own templates, where necessary on the basis of a framework for Joomla. Looking back today, that was a massive waste of time, because today’s templates/themes are really comprehensive, but can also be comprehensively adapted.

Meanwhile, I’ve switched from Joomla to WordPress. (Even though I still like Joomla and may well use it again – especially because I invested so much time in learning how to use it so all those years ago!)

So for website creation these days, I’d be using WordPress and a ready-to-use WordPress theme. I’m not a programmer, although I know some HTML and CSS. Even the best, most fully-featured themes need to be customised.

I also bring my design flair to your project. Websites created by programmers look like websites created by programmers, and we don’t want that!

Just so you know.

How I create your website – things to know about the process

  • After receiving your detailed enquiry, I contact you.
  • We clarify the scope of your project and I submit a quote.
  • If you agree to my terms, depending on the nature of the project, 20% of the net price may become payable upon awarding of the order. This is in case you don’t realise your project for any reason. If this applies to your project, I will inform you in good time.
  • As soon as any such payment arrives in my account, I will book your project into the system, so that I can make a start within a short time.
  • All prices stated are net prices, without applicable VAT.
  • One round of corrections is included in the price. Any additional corrections or edits at additional charge.

I’d like that!

You’d like me to create a website for you, so you can draw interested parties to you and ideally convert them into readers or fans, and then later, buyers? And at the same time without handing the control over your web presence to giant corporations in the USA?

Picture sources: The websites and packaging I created for the example band I made up, Goat Botherer, © Paul Jackson. iPad photo © Kelly Sikkema at Unsplash. Goat Botherer background image is a collage from photos © Takis Politis and © M Wrona at Unsplash. Other collages, photos and graphics © Paul Jackson.

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