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English translations for the music industry

English translations for the music industry

High quality German to English translations for labels, bands and musicians!

Are you on the lookout for a German to English translator who you can depend on to provide high quality English translations of your German press releases, album inserts and other promotional texts?

Your German colleagues and business partners are fed up of having to dig their school English 📚 out of a dark corner of their brain 🧠? Something that’s really doing their heads in? 🤯 Or perhaps people keep complaining 😡 about strange or incorrect translations on your releases 💿 or website or wherever?

Perhaps I could be of assistance to you! 🤓

But Germans can all speak English!

Yes and no. It’s true that children in German-speaking countries learn English at school. Also that lots of native German speakers speak good to excellent English. But that doesn’t mean by any stretch that they are able to write perfect, error-free English, or that they have the sure instinct required to detect every single nuance and be able to tackle it in the most appropriate way.

On the contrary: Although lots of people whose mother tongue is German really do speak fluent English, their written English often comes across as being somewhat ‘German’.

Whether because of their choice of words, the word order, sentence formulation, orthography or the use of punctuation – people whose native language is English will notice that the text wasn’t written by a native speaker. There could be so-called ‘false friends’, or the text may be a mixture of British and American English. Not necessarily a big problem if the text is just for your tweets, but for printed items, such as record or CD sleeves – or worse: books! 📖 – this doesn’t leave a good impression.

But I can get German to English translations free online!

That’s true, and I know which service you’re thinking of 😉. But let’s be honest, look at the results! It’s true that the technology is constantly improving and that machine translations are lots better than they used to be. In certain circumstances, and for certain types of text, this is perhaps enough. Perhaps!

But you couldn’t say the results are free of errors 😃. A really literal translation here, a weird preposition there… In any event, nothing you should publish on your own website – or worse: permanently print onto paper or card! 😳😅. For example, on your album packaging!

And what about those freelancer portals? 😳

Have a look at them. What sort of projects are offered, and at what price? How are the projects assigned? 🤔

Imagine you were a linguist. Would you enjoy begging for such poorly paid crumbs, in competition with dozens of other people? And if you were successful in being awarded a project, would you be satisfied with the miserly payment? ☹️ That’s assuming the customer actually pays! 😬 Do you think that all the translators there are talented, dependable linguists who translate exclusively into their mother tongue? Exactly! 😎

How about a translation agency? 🤔

Translation agencies are ten a penny these days. In general, you can’t definitely know in advance whether one or the other of them would be a good choice. As in any industry, there are good 👍 ones and not so good 😬 ones.

A lot of them tend to say that they are specialists in all subject areas. Or that they translate from every single language in the world 🌍 into every other single language in the world 🌏. Also that the translations are then carefully checked by various other pairs of eyes. And all at a competitive price 😳. There’s something not quite right there 😃.

Not that I’m setting out to badmouth translation agencies. On the contrary, as I also work with a few – in some cases over a longer period, in others for a shorter time. As a result, I sometimes get to work on interesting projects that I wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to.

But what if your projects were assigned to someone who didn’t have a clue about the music industry? Who really had no idea about music packaging, printing processes, music production, DJing, club culture or the rest of it? Or maybe your text about wild, three-day-long raves would be allocated to someone who only listens to opera? 😳 After all, it’s all music, isn’t it?! 😃

These are the kind of things you need to weigh up in advance before you contract an agency. Or, just get someone who knows what they’re doing 🤓 involved right from the start!

Why do I need a professional for my German to English translations?

A self-employed translator who not only possesses the necessary linguistic talent, but who also knows certain industries and sectors inside out, is always a good choice.

Serious translators only translate into their mother tongue, and keep abreast of developments in it. This second factor is extremely important for translators who – like me – no longer live in their original home country 🇬🇧, but in a country 🇩🇪 where the source language is spoken.

For example: Although I’ve lived in Germany for several years, I’m aware that non-caucasians 👩🏿👳🏾‍♂️👩🏻 are now often referred to as people of colour, and refer to themselves as such. Gammon was once just a type of ham 🥩, but in the meantime it’s become an insult that describes predominantly middle-aged men who like to express their populist, rightwing opinions 🤬. Woke quickly seemed to be on everyone’s lips, but even more quickly took on a negative connotation. Already, the word seems to mainly be used by people who are anything but ‘woke’ 😤. And let’s not forget chemsex, which means… 💊💉🍆🍑⏳ oh, you can probably imagine 🙈😂!

If I’d not kept my ears👂to the ground and my eyes 👀 peeled 📡,  I would have completely missed these coinages and changes, along with lots of other linguistic developments. The result would have been increasingly worse effects on my work as a translator.

People involved in the music industry in German-speaking countries who need English translations would be well advised to engage someone who not only possesses the relevant linguistic skills, but also who knows the subject matter inside out! 🤓

Someone like me 😎, who has successfully completed a whole load of projects, spanning marketing and technical fields.

Work with me

You’d like me to produce high quality English translations of your German marketing or technical texts? Please get in touch!


Hopefully you now realise why it’s crucial to choose the correct translation solution.

Below you will see why I’m an expert in German to English translations for the music industry.

translation jobs completed so far
average words translated per year (350,000–500,000)

Who is German to English translator Paul Jackson? An overview

  • Experienced professional German to English translator
  • The music industry as ultimate microspecialism
  • Sure instinct for my native language English (British variant)
  • Mad about music
  • Familiar with various scenes 😉
  • Has worked in the music industry for more than 30 years – in one role or another
  • First translation job completed 2004. Since 2013, translation has been my main occupation

What benefits do I offer you with my German to English translations?

  • I supply flowing, appealing and creative texts, as well as precise translations of your more technically orientated texts
  • Thorough way of working, with well-developed research skills
  • Extraordinary eye for detail 🦅 👀 – I can spot a double space or ugly ‘typewriter’ quotation mark from 50 metres!
  • Well organised, and as a result punctual delivery

“Paul Jackson has a splendid understanding of how to produce and deliver solid, flawless translations… At the same time, he regards his translation duties to be bound up with proofreading too, therefore effectively undertaking editing work. I treasure his understanding of text translation enormously, and am extremely satisfied with his work. Finally, it should also be mentioned that, without exception, Paul Jackson always accomplishes his work quickly, reliably and faultlessly.”

Managing director, record company, Germany

“Our clients are always delighted with the quality of Paul Jackson’s work, and give us positive feedback. Without exception, Paul Jackson’s translations are characterised by register accuracy, linguistic and terminological precision and stylistic confidence. Mr Jackson works thoroughly and quickly, and always delivers by the agreed deadlines. We treasure Mr Jackson’s regular cooperation on our projects enormously.”

Project manager, translation agency, Germany

For the music industry, I translate the following types of project from German to English:

  • Press releases
  • Promotional material
  • Booklets and other inserts for vinyl records and CDs 💿
  • Product descriptions (for your lavishly packaged releases!)
  • Reviews
  • Articles and interviews 📰
  • News updates
  • Books 📘 (if you’re sufficiently famous and/or interesting that an autobiography or a biography is being published 😜)
  • Manuals and instructions (relating to music production 🎹 🖥 🎚 and DJing 💻 🎛 🎧 etc.)
  • And lots more, as musicians are creative people, and therefore often also active in other fields, such as writing 🖋 or art 🖌

German to English translations for the music industry, lovingly fashioned by Paul Jackson

Entrust the German to English translations for your projects to a professional who not only has many years of experience, but also possesses a sure instinct for language and all its nuances. Who is also mad about music, and who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years in one role or another, meaning he knows the subject inside out! Who actively keeps abreast of linguistic developments in his mother tongue English, especially in Great Britain.

Work with me

You’d like me to produce high quality English translations of your German marketing or technical texts? Please get in touch!

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