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About me

About me

German to English translations for labels and bands!

Have you got German projects that need translating into English On the lookout 🔎 🔦 for a professional translator who knows the music industry inside out, and who can therefore perfectly convey your message to your target audience?

Perhaps up to now your German colleagues have been translating these projects themselves, even though they aren’t native English speakers? 🤔 So not only is the task probably doing their heads in 🤯, but is also wasting their valuable time, which they could be using for something else. Or perhaps you tried out one of those dodgy freelancer portals 😳, but wasn’t happy with the work provided by the student in the far-away developing country? ✈️

I’m Paul Jackson (at least, one of many Paul Jacksons 😬, even though I’m unique 😀 😎), a British translator who has lived in Essen, Germany for several years. My absolute specialism – my microspecialism, you could call it – is the music industry. As a result, I help labels and musicians from the German-speaking countries bring their message to a broader international public – precisely, appropriately and on schedule.

Paul Jackson: German To English Translator – Music Industry Specialist

Who is German to English translator Paul Jackson? An overview

  • Experienced professional German to English translator
  • The music industry as ultimate microspecialism
  • Sure instinct for my native language English (British variant)
  • Mad about music
  • Familiar with various scenes 😉
  • Has worked in the music industry for more than 30 years – in one role or another
  • First translation job completed 2004. Since 2013, translation has been my main occupation

What benefits do I offer you with my German to English translations?

  • I supply flowing, appealing and creative texts, as well as precise translations of your more technically orientated texts
  • Thorough way of working, with well-developed research skills
  • Extraordinary eye for detail 🦅 👀 – I can spot a double space or ugly ‘typewriter’ quotation mark from 50 metres!
  • Well organised, and as a result punctual delivery

For the music industry, I translate the following types of project from German to English:

  • Press releases
  • Promotional material
  • Booklets and other inserts for vinyl records and CDs 💿
  • Product descriptions (for your lavishly packaged releases!)
  • Reviews
  • Articles and interviews 📰
  • News updates
  • Books 📘 (if you’re sufficiently famous and/or interesting that an autobiography or a biography is being published 😜)
  • Manuals and instructions (relating to music production 🎹 🖥 🎚 and DJing 💻 🎛 🎧 etc.)
  • And lots more, as musicians are creative people, and therefore often also active in other fields, such as writing 🖋 or art 🖌

German to English translations for the music industry – from translator Paul Jackson, who has worked in the industry for decades!

It’s a source of never-ending delight for me that I get paid for doing things I  enjoy, and from the comfort of my own home. With no boss breathing down my neck, and no annoying colleagues! And as the icing on the cake, with musical accompaniment blasting out all day long 🎵 🎶 🔨 🔨 🔨!

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m mad about music, and on top of this have worked in the industry for more than 30 years 😳, in one role or another.

I therefore know the business inside out 🤓, whether in respect of formats 💿 and types of packaging or software and equipment for sound recording 🎤, music production 💻 or DJing 🎧.

For this reason, my microspecialism when it comes to my work as a German to English translator is also the music industry 🎶. I couldn’t imagine having to put on a suit 👔 😳 and travelling to some office day in, day out, in order to clean up and correct machine translations 😬 of restaurant menus 😃.

Have I awakened your interest? 🤔

Work with me

You’d like me to produce high quality English translations of your German marketing or technical texts? Please get in touch!

“Eh?! It seems as if you’re apparently a graphic designer or something? 🤔

Why on earth should I engage a graphic designer to translate German texts? I wouldn’t hire my dentist to design an extension to my house or my accountant to cut my hair! What’s going on?””

Yes, that’s right. My background is actually in the graphics sector, but as a result of changes in the music industry, since 2013 I’ve predominantly been working as a translator. And in turn, because of changes in this industry too, I’m currently positioning myself back in the graphics sector a bit more.

So you can rest assured that if you entrust your translation projects in the music, marketing or technical fields to me, they’ll be in good hands! Otherwise I wouldn’t have successfully completed 3,500 translations for musicians and labels, SMEs and nationally and internationally known companies and organisations!

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