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Jack(son) of (almost) all trades.Designer. Translator. Other stuff.

Jack(son) of (almost) all trades. Designer. Translator. Other stuff.


Companies and people in a number of countries pay me to sit at my computer and do things:

Translation DE–EN

More than 3000 projects, large and small, successfully translated from German into British English.

Proofreading EN

I can spot a rogue double space or ugly typewriter-style quotation mark at 50 metres.

Text editing EN

When a bit of spit and polish is needed to make your text really shine.

Translation NL–EN

Although I don’t actively seek them out, I occasionally get offered translation projects from Dutch into British English.

Graphic design

Music industry packaging specialist. My main source of income until the music industry’s money ran out.

Layout and repurposing

After spending years repurposing artwork for records released in the 1980s to be reissued on CD, I now find myself repurposing artwork from CDs released in the 1990s to be reissued on vinyl!


Words meet graphics. Even as I child I was fascinated by the appearance of words on the page. Needless to say, as an adult I enjoy making words appear nice on pages (and other surfaces).

Print file troubleshooting

I often get called upon to correct graphics files created by others, so that they will print without problems and look as expected.

E-book creation

Something else I really enjoy doing. Design, typesetting and coding all in one! Often with a bit of proofreading to add the icing on the cake!

Website design, build and content management

Something I used to do quite a bit of in the past, but now it’s easier to just use one of these frameworks and have a website that looks exactly like everyone else’s!

File conversion and management

With 25 years’ Mac computing experience, (almost) nothing is impossible. (Tomorrow somebody will probably send me a ClarisWorks file from 1995, containing a mixture of Arabic and Japanese text, to import into InDesign…)

And probably other stuff too

There’s bound to be something I’ve forgotten!

Weaver of words, conveyor of concepts.

Weaver of words, conveyor of concepts.


More than 3000 projects successfully translated from German into British English.

I’m very careful with the deployment of words, and have a good feel for nuance, meaning that native speakers of English won’t recognise my work as being translations, whether precise technical language for manuals or more appealing, free-flowing texts for marketing and sales purposes.

Manuals • Websites • Brochures • Instructions • Press releases • Articles • Business communication and much more

Music industry • IT • Technology • Industry • Business • Personal

Because I have a sure instinct for my native language English and an extremely keen eye for detail, I am also a good choice for proofreading or editing your English texts. I can spot a rogue double space or ugly typewriter-style quotation mark at 50 metres. I could hardly be fussier (in the best sense!).

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Paul Jackson typesetting example
Paul Jackson typesetting example

Customer testimonials

Our clients are always delighted with the quality of Paul Jackson’s work, and give us positive feedback. Without exception, Paul Jackson’s translations are characterised by register accuracy, linguistic and terminological precision and stylistic confidence. Mr Jackson works thoroughly and quickly, and always delivers by the agreed deadlines. We treasure Mr Jackson’s regular cooperation on our projects enormously.

Paul Jackson has a splendid understanding of how to produce and deliver solid, flawless translations… At the same time, he regards his translation duties to be bound up with proofreading too, therefore effectively undertaking editing work. I treasure his understanding of text translation enormously, and am extremely satisfied with his work. Finally, it should also be mentioned that, without exception, Paul Jackson always accomplishes his work quickly, reliably and faultlessly.

We are extremely satisfied with the reliable quality of Paul Jackson’s work and his speedy, punctual delivery. Furthermore, he knows how to formulate the translated texts appealingly, so that they assist us in the marketing of our properties.




Up until 2012 I was mainly a graphic designer, specialising in the music industry, but who was also active in other graphics and website-related fields, as well as increasingly in translation and related disciplines.

Although I still keep my foot in the door, so to speak, since then I’ve primarily been working as a translator.

Over the years I’ve worked on lots of interesting graphics projects with lots of interesting and talented people, many of whom are (or were) well known in their respective fields, if not always exactly household names whose tunes your grandma could whistle.

As the bulk of this work is now firmly in the past, I chose not to actively maintain a portfolio section on this website, as there’s no point harking back to past glories. However, you can see a selection of personal favourites flashing by in the adjacent graphic, as well as elsewhere on this website. So I suppose I am harking back to past glories after all!


Bloke on the internet does stuff for money.

And so why a new website right now? You’ve had an old one for years and wasn’t bothered! Do you think a new website will bring you new work??? I strongly doubt it!

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